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Is January Really Divorce Month in Georgia

Divorce and family law attorneys have dubbed January “Divorce Month” because so many relationships appear to break apart with the new year, and family law professionals observe an increase in calls every year. According to Google Trends, the phrase “I want a divorce” increased by more than 230 percent in the first week of January 2021. But why is this the case? What is it about January that causes so many people to feel it’s time to end their relationship? Is it true that January is Divorce Month in Georgia?

Divorce in January

Unfortunately, getting a divorce in January has almost become like a new year’s resolution of sorts. You could say that the holiday stress might be causing some people to realise that it’s just the final straw after so many previous relationship issues. They realize they aren’t happy and haven’t been for a long time, and now that things have returned to normal, all they want to do is walk away. Or it might even be that some individuals already knew they intended to divorce before the holidays but opted to wait until after the holidays to build memories for the rest of the family and the kids.

The hectic holidays might be the final nail in the coffin for a marriage. It can be that you recognized you are unhappy and that the pressure really results in the understanding that you don’t want to continue in your marriage. Maybe you’re certain that now is the moment to move on and start again. Some people get divorced in January for financial and tax reasons, since they no longer wish to submit joint taxes.

Due to financial hardship, parental concerns, and quarantines, Covid has also had a severe influence on many relationships. Divorce courts were closed or backlogged for most of 2020 and 2021, causing divorce cases to take longer to resolve, and many couples postponed filing for divorce owing to the virus. Because divorce lawyers receive so many calls, the first Monday back at work after the holidays is commonly dubbed Divorce Day.

If you are Considering a Divorce in January

If you’re thinking of filing for divorce in January or any other month, you should take certain precautions. An objective professional perspective will assist you in evaluating what is going on in your relationship and what is causing you to seek a divorce. Owing to the fact that this will definitely be a life changing decision for you, this should be the first priority. It’s critical to consider your specific goals for the end of your marriage, such as child custody, child support, asset distribution, money, deadlines, and so on. This will assist you in being properly prepared for the procedure you are about to embark on as well as what you want to tell your lawyer.

Financial affairs, especially, are an important component of the divorce process, and it’s critical that you understand your financial condition as a married couple and as separated people. Gathering all of your paperwork, including tax returns, income, any loans, credit card debt, or mortgages, can assist your attorney in charting a course for your divorce.

Things to Remember

If you’re considering divorce in January, or any other month, you should consult with an knowledgeable divorce and family law attorney who can help you obtain the conclusion you want. It’s not only about a formal divorce; it’s also about safeguarding yourself and your family in the future, dividing your assets, and ensuring that you walk away from this situation with what you deserve.

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