Divorce Christmas


During the Christmas holidays, tons of media images are surfacing on our social media accounts with families reuniting around the world one of which is the State of Georgia. Happy and complete families are celebrating and experiencing the holiday together, however, the sad reality is that 50% of marriages end up in divorce.


We understand the stress brought by Divorce proceedings to both parents and children, even more now that COVID- 19 is making all of us experience the new set of challenges every day. Christmas Season is one of the most celebrated holidays worldwide. It has become a tradition for families to be reunited and spend their time together during this season. It is so usual, that it has become a practice that is normalized by everyone. However, we all know that this ordinary practice is not so ordinary for some. Nonetheless, this does not suggest that it will ruin the Holiday Season. Here are some tips on how to make your kids enjoy the holiday:



Divorce is not just hard and stressful for you, it also affects your children’s emotional and mental well-being. So, you need to plan ahead and make sure that your former spouse and children know about your plans, so they will not coincide with the plans of your former spouse and children.



As a mature adult, you need to compromise for the sake of your children, it is best to not let your conflict with your former spouse (if any) to intensify or build the children’s loyalty. It is important to remember that being divorced does not mean that an invisible competition now stands between you and your former spouse. Talk with each other and plan how your children will celebrate this year’s holiday. It can also serve as an image that you and your former spouse are there for your children, and have created a strong foundation of mutual respect towards one another, and that co-parenting is possible and it can make your children feel that they won’t have to choose any side.



It is a good time to introduce and create new traditions for you and your children. Changes are good when embraced with positivity and that’s what you should do. If former traditions are no longer possible, make sure to make plans for you alone and with your children that will create and bring positive memories.



Remember the impact the divorce might have taken on your children. They will have a hard time accepting and adjusting to the fact that something big has changed. It will take time for them to adjust to their new surroundings, they will now have to live with two different homes and spend time with each of their parents separately, so as much as possible listen to their opinions, to their feelings, validate their emotions and respect their decisions. Change is never easy but keeping and sustaining a positive relationship with your children is worth every effort.



Divorce during Christmas Break is never easy for you and your children, but celebrating it with a positive attitude and creating positive memories are the most important thing.  Happy Holidays!


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