How to Tackle Child Support Increase in Court

How to Tackle Child Support Increase in Court

When you separate in Georgia, the court will decide if either parent owes child support payments to the other and, if that’s so, how much. Once the court has issued a child support payment order, it may only be amended if one of the parents’ requests that the court modify the original order.

As a parent paying child support, it can be difficult to be requested for a child support hike, particularly if your financial circumstances doesn’t really allow for a bigger commitment. This may prompt you to look for topics related to how one can prevent child support increases or how one can challenge child support increases in court. There is a lot of information available, but it may not be particular to your state or correct for your circumstances.

For proper guidance, it is always best to contact with a legal practitioner. But, for the sake of spreading awareness, here are the essentials you’ll need to know if you have to go to court to challenge a child support increase.


Learning what to do to oppose a rise in child support begins with knowing how to prep for the courtroom. To do so, you’ll need to speak with your lawyer and follow their precise recommendations. If you don’t go to court, you won’t be able to prevent a child support increase, and if you do, you won’t be able to defend it if you are not ready for what is about to transpire.

First off, it is critical that you show up in the courtroom as scheduled and that you have all of the information the judge will want. Because most of the material will be finance-related, you should provide proof of your current fiscal condition and any alterations made.

It is also important to note that any significant developments in your living condition, as well as subsequent changes in the other spouse’s income or living status, or the child’s unique requirements, may be taken into account by the court.

What exactly would you need?

It’s critical to provide facts in court to defend a child support increase. The court will not be able to make a decision based on your case if there is no data. It’s possible that you’ll lose the lawsuit and have to pay more child support as a result. Make sure you have documentation of your present assets, as well as proof of any modifications to those resources.

A parent must establish that there was a significant shift in either parent’s income and monetary condition, or in the child’s financing requirements. If, for example, you recently came into a lot of money by way of an investment of some kind, the court will want to know about any such information that is pertinent.

Things to Remember

Having any evidence to contest a child support increase is an important component of any successful case. In this regard, having a knowledgeable attorney is vital. Sometimes, merely because your situation has changed, you may not always be able to prevent an increase in child support. However, in those situations, the primary goal would be to reduce the amount by which your child support commitment will be increased. Your attorney can assist you in resolving such concerns so that you may get the greatest possible result in your case. Based on your individual situation, your attorney can guide you as to what to provide to support your case.

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