served with divorce papers


Being served divorce papers, whether you expected them or not, may be stressful whether you’re in Georgia or any other state. When you are served with the initial divorce paperwork, it signifies that your spouse has started the legal process, and you must now actively engage in it while protecting your rights and entitlements. As mentioned in the previous article, after contacting a knowledgeable divorce attorney, you must first file a counterclaim. This article talks about your next course of action.

Next Steps After Being Served Divorce Papers

It is critical to organize your funds and assets as soon as possible. Gather all of your financial documents, including tax returns, bank statements, retirement accounts, and credit card transactions. Include any property documentation, such as titles and registrations. Take note of the paperwork that demonstrate your contribution to the marriage. Enlist the assistance of your attorney in inventorying your assets and establishing legal safeguards to protect them. Change your passwords and open a separate bank account for your personal profits are two things you can do.

If you have a small kid, the court will want a copy of your parenting plan, which is your plan for how you and your spouse will raise your kid after the divorce. Preferably, you and your partner should collaborate to create a parenting plan that will be examined and authorized by the judge. If the two of you cannot agree on a parenting plan, the court will have to decide what is best for their kid. The advice of an attorney is crucial while developing a parenting plan. You want legal arrangements that protect your relationship with your kid and promote their well-being as much as possible. You also want these agreements to be legally equitable to both you and the other parent.

Many divorcing couples achieve an out-of-court settlement before going to court. This is not always practicable, and some divorces result in protracted trials. Consult with your attorney about the best alternative for your specific situation.

Things to remember

Some divorces do go through protracted legal proceedings. In light of your unique situation, discuss your best course of action with your attorney. The most crucial thing to know when divorce papers are issued is the response deadline. It is customary in Georgia to file an answer within 30 days. If you do not answer within 45 days, you will be divorced by default. In a default divorce, the court may approve the divorce in favour of the filing spouse. It is very advised that you do not contact your spouse during this highly sensitive time. Instead, speak with a knowledgeable divorce attorney.

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